I grew up, absolutely by chance, in the sophisticated world of fashion and luxury, it was not exactly what I had in mind, so now it’s been 25 years that I work in Visual Merchandising for international luxury companies.

My architectural background, a great passion for the Italian culture and the art of reception have always been the foundation, inspiration and stimulus for my creative work as a Event Designer.

Trough passion, curiosity and personal growth, I have completed my experience by collaborating with some of the most famous Italian florists and banquets, learning their secrets, timing and working methods.

Knowing how to work with flowers enables me to integrate nature into my designs and thanks to the insights into the Catering service, I understand timing because, like in the theater, every act has its own timing.

For me it’s crucial that every detail of a dinner is chromatically perfect and consistent. Food, flowers, fabrics and embroidery must all come together under one philosophy: harmony

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